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Emclemmie Emma Clements
Emma Clements

Sheffield-based Illustrator, storyteller and proudly deaf.

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A young girl looking up to a T-Rex in a musium, by Emma Clements who is an illustrator from Sheffield for childrens picture books.
Three images by Emma Clements
Illustration by Emma Clements from her debut book voice of her younger self saying I will shout louder to be heard
Girl making items with sea glass, an illustration by Emma Clements an illustrator from Sheffield.
An illustration by Emma Clements of a young girl on the sea front collecting sea glass with her father who is a fisherman watching her in the distance.
Character from voice, a book by Emma Clements with the text saying for a long time I was angry
A young girl and seagull pooping on her
A girl winking a design by Emma Clements Emclemmie
An illustration by Emma Clements, shows a portrait of Kit, the main character for Box. Kit is wearing an orange jumper with dark culry hair and looks curious.
A character design by Emma Clements emclemmie of Kit who i s walking with a box behind her

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Emma Clements is a children's picturebook illustrator based in Sheffield, UK.

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