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About Emma

Emma Danielle Clements

Emma is an illustrator that lives in South Yorkshire with her husband and two children and is proudly deaf.

Emma is a multidisciplinary artist, illustrator and author. Emma uses expressive and playful lines to create emotional narratives. She uses both traditional and digital techniques while experimenting with marks and textures. Her style is lyrical and flows almost as visual sounds.

Emma is in the final few months of her BA (HONS) illustration degree with the Open Collage of Arts, Emma was a part of the AOI (Association of Illustrators) 2022 mentorship program. In 2021 attended a traineeship run by Touretteshero for "Future Scribers" and clients include Liberty Festival (2022) and Virgin Media.



Virgin Media
Liberty Festival (2022)                                                  Routes
Shamima Khatun

Halfway Nursery Infant School

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