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About Emma

"Every child should see themselves reflected in a story"

Emma Danielle Clements
#emclemmie (Seeking Representation)
A first in her BA (Hons) Illustration
Studying MA Illustration with Falmouth (Online) 
Available for work and representation

Emma is a deaf illustrator who lives in South Yorkshire (UK) with her husband, two children and cat. Emma has been deaf since she was three years old and from a very young age has always loved drawing.

Growing up being pretty much the only deaf kid in her mainstream school it seems easier to draw all of her feelings. It was that inspired her within her creative practice to illustrate emotional narratives and stories. Emma has had a lifetime watching the visual world around her, seeing emotions, changes in mood and the way people interact, this is something she brings into her work.

Her work is almost lyrical and flows like visual sounds.

Emma is a multidisciplinary artist, illustrator and author. Emma uses expressive and playful lines, she uses both traditional and digital techniques while experimenting with marks and textures. Emma's work space is a nomad style in the family home, working when, and wherever possible.

Stories are essential, messages of healing and empowerment within books are a core drive and passion for Emma. Her learning of the world from books, and being influenced by many sources from a young age enabled her to grow with empathy and an open mind. But, more stories are needed from all walks of life. In order to grow as an illustrator and author, is important to listen to the many and for this reason, Emma is working on a project that may improve disability representation within children's books in England.

Emma has completed her BA (HONS) illustration degree with the Open College of Arts and waiting for results, now working part-time/full-time as an illustrator. In addition to this, she will be starting a Part-Time Master's on Jan 24 after getting an unconditional place for Falmouth. Emma was a part of the AOI (Association of Illustrators) 2022 mentorship program. In 2021 attended a traineeship run by Touretteshero for "Future Scribers" and clients include Liberty Festival (2022) and Virgin Media.

Emma uses her own lived experiences in her work, as a deaf person growing up in mainstream school, fighting barriers in education and employment, as well as mother to a child with autism to tackle representation in stories and books.

"I would like to create stories, that are not just about what makes people "different" or the "barriers" they face but also by
normalising diversity within main characters that go beyond the barriers."  



Virgin Media
Liberty Festival (2022)                                                  Routes
Shamima Khatun
                                                          (Volunteer role) Sheffield Flourish  

Halfway Nursery Infant School

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