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Broken Butterfly in the meadows.jpg
A young girl who has lost her voice, with the text like the wind it was gone.
A T-Rex Knitting. An illustration by Sheffield Illustrator Emma Clements.
My daughter started a balloon adoption... Balloons need a loving home, this illustration is inspired by her and her imagination. Created in Procreate. Image description: A girl with fair skin, and yellow hair, wearing an orange turtle next and cargo pants holding a clip board walking/leading five balloons in different colours with different faces. There is Hope a green balloon with a cat like face looking worried. There is Charles who is pink and looks angry with sharp teeth. There is Bob the Second, a happy-looking blue balloon. Holly is a purple balloon that does not look impressed. There is an unnamed yellow balloon looking surprised at the back.
In is a winter scene, in the show. A lone tree with a face, bare of any leaves with a coating of show has a face, smiling and sleeping. At the tree base is a little girl, using the snow as a blanket, reading a story to a fox, hegdehog and owl.
It is night time, in a winter wonderland,snow and stars around a lake where a young gitl wearing an oversized penguin hoddie teaching three little penguins how to ice skate.

More illustrations can be found in the portfolio's subsections. 

Book Illustrations
Black and White Illustrations

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