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Final year of my illustration degree.

Title says it all, yesterday I started my final year/level of my illustration degree. This is the year that counts. Over the last few weeks I've had a mad dash to finish my second level of my degree, finishing assignments and writing up my critical review. I am very lucky to be studying long distance, which works out well for me as I fit my study time in between kids, my health and hearing loss. I study pretty much full time and allow myself that bit of freedom if I need it. This is one of reason that the blog hasn't 100% had my full commitment yet, between uni and the AOI mentorship some things have to give. The AOI mentorship is almost over and been a major journey in my practice. I hope soon to really showcase what I have learnt and things I've picked up. During this my blog/website will have a make over, improve the way to narrative around and visuals.

For the last assignments of my degree I did a small animation (will link below) with mixed techniques/methods based around a theme of "My world of imagination". Really tapping into using my own imagination of a way to cope. More so, when I was younger dealing with bullying and overall learning to love the deaf me. The final assignment was something very different for me, the overall idea was to create something in many ways new, it is more of a visual exploration type of assignment. So I picked mediums I couldn't control (fabric and a sewing machine) and a theme around words I had written during a time of grief. The result surprised me, it wasn't the work that was created it was the feeling I got creating it. Similar to the childlike nature of going with the flow. The results I showcased as a "gallery" style artwork and made into a zine.

The other thing I kept within this work is the theme of embracing mistakes or as we like to call them happy accidents. This includes the spelling mistakes which was very hard for me to leave in there, as it makes me feel exposed. I am looking forward to my final year, also a little bit nervous.

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