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A New Instagram page just for My Sketchbooks and Life drawing.

I have started a new account to share just my playful nature, sketchbooks, mark making and life drawing. I wanted to keep my main account more clear and direct in terms of content I share. This new account is more for my hobby side, the side that likes to explore, share all my happy accidents. I love sharing my sketchbook and I plan to start to share more of my pages (which I will keep my blog updated about.) - My main account and this blog will be having a little make over to reflect who I am as an illustrator now. Moving on past the girl that didn't know what she wanted, past the student who wanted to try everything to the illustrator that I am! Tonight I added the following pieces from an online zoom life drawing. Medium - Fineliner and Papermate Flair pen (I like to use pen directly as I find I embrace the mistakes)

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