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Happy New Year and the Children’s Illustration Competition results.

Happy New Year and the Children’s Illustration Competition results.

Sketches of a girl from different angles
One of my sketchbook pieces (Emma 2022)

Hope everyone has had an amazing holiday season and a happier new year.

Personality I am nervous about the new year and what it holds. It is my final year of my degree finishing with some really big things planned.

This does include working more on this blog and my portfolio as it will tie in with my final assignments.

The new year came with a bang for my family, lets just say kids are still at home due to sickness/bugs. If from the UK you will know at the moment it is crazy with things going around and that the NHS is overwhelmed. It is a service we needed this last week and I have to say during these times of being underfunding/understaffed that Sheffield Children Hospital were amazing. The need for hospital thankfully ended being nothing, more doctors wanted to be sure and have one of my kids checked over. One of the things in my final year that I have to look at it "passion projects". Things that make a difference. While my drive to date as been about stories of bullying, accessibility and empowerment I think saving the NHS is also important. How to I start to include this into my illustrations? Can I even use illustrations to make the world a better place!

With everything that has happened over the holiday season my illustration work has taken a bit of a back burner, well, as much as can as I never really "stop" drawing or thinking up projects. I just have a lot to finish!

What I am working on at the moment

I am working again with Shamina Khatun.

Blog post (interview with Caroline Thomson from Arena Illustrations)

Two different Uni assignments

Competition results

I got five amazing entries from very talented young illustrators.

Winner picked by the judges is Jacob D

Jacob D (2022)

Full blog will be uploaded as soon as I’ve handed in an assignment that is due. This is the reason that this is a very quick update. Happy 2023

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