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Sharing my birthday with my blog!

Happy Birthday to my Blog and I...

Me being me, wanted to launch my blog and website on my birthday. Today is the start of my illustration portfolio site and a blog that follows my journey as a deaf illustratior paving my own way. Bear in mind parts of this website are under constructions, but I hope will grow bigger and better over the coming months. Currently, I am full time illustration student at the Collage of Open arts getting my BA (Hons) degree. I am in my second year and hoping to complete my degree in the summer of 2023. I have illustratied a couple of books, one being my own as a student assignment which I ended up self publishing.

Voice is my personal message and story growing up being deaf and bullied. Voice has been both a healer and clsoure and made me finally find a strong creative voice. The other book can be found on amazon called Brown Pageant girl by Shamima Khatun . More about them soon... The purpose of the blog is to grow with me from being a student illustratior to that as a profressional. Discover with me the creative industry, meet creative individuals all while having fun exploring this world. My interest within illustration/the art is vast, what my personal message is a more emotional visual narrative around stories and diversity. I am excited to get started...


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