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The Exhibition was a HUGE success.

The Exhibition was a HUGE success. I am feeling a tad overwhelmed and overjoyed at the support I have been shown during my exhibition. Part of me thought I would have a lot of quiet periods, but the reality there were people coming through the doors at a nice pace and yet it didn’t get overwhelming on the visitors and it was an intimate moment for the the audience to reflect upon their own boxes.

I had a couple of people in tears, the message behind the boxes reflected my own experiences. This has reinforced my drive to be a storyteller who heals and empowers via diverse stories.

A lot of people created boxes and were emotional over the end result, seeing the boxes build up on the line and the connection that people were having. I will be making more projects with these in time. I loved meeting all the new people, it is normally out of my element as a deaf person and my anxiety does not help, So was lovely to get a little outside my comfort zone. I recommend doing an exhibition if ever have a chance, degree or otherwise… it is an experience and the fact I was there in person meant I was able to connect with people. “thought that you had created a really interesting viewing experience when I came to visit your end of degree exhibition. The work itself was really beautiful, in fact I thought it was excellent - and the physical/handmade aspects of the final works I felt really communicated the very personal story and content that the exhibition centres around.

Also, I thought that the opportunity for visitors to actually participate and contribute their own creative boxes was really well thought out and seemed to work really well.

Having yourself, the artist there in person, to take questions and offer deeper explanations was another major plus point as I thought it created the space for a more informed interpretation. I hope everything does well for you in the future, the obvious hard graft that you have put into this final body of work and its exhibition was really very real to see!” Allen (feedback 2023)

The virtual tour is coming soon as a form of Vlog on YouTube. I plan to start doing newsletters maybe monthly at first and aim to take this on fortnightly. Blogs from this month will be at least once every fortnightly (and extras in between) So please subscribe to be kept in the loop. Highlights in images I didn't take many photos with people as it seemed to be more of a healing and one-on-one experience with visitors (it didn't feel right) Plus I feel there is a charm in seeing the boxes which have been created as just boxes.

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